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Warranty 6 Months


Easy replaceable 6V-4Ah Terminator SLA Battery from Taiwan


Innovative Idea

Provides 24x7 continuous power light


     Super bright SMD LED’s with energy saving function

     Dual Operating Time: 24 hours (High) and 48 hours (Low)

     Charging Time: First Time use 20-24 hours,    Recharging Time: 10-12 hours

     Charging Indicator: Red LED turns Green when fully charged.

     Automatically lights up while charging when power supply fails.

     Over charge and discharge protection for longer battery life.

     Fitted with high quality Terminator Rechargeable SLA 6Vx4Ah battery from Taiwan.

     Before delivery, all units are fully recharged & retested again in UAE. Each unit is marked as ‘QC checked’.  

     Unit designs are user friendly, so battery can be fitted or replaced easily by any person. Units can be supplied

      with battery fitted inside or separately.        

     Terminator 6Vx4Ah battery is also available in gift pack and can be purchased separately as a spare battery.

     Battery can be removed from unit during winter (when there is no electricity failure) for safety and longer battery life.

                It can be fitted back once summer is on.

     Terminator Rechargeable lights work as charging stations. It can charge many batteries to keep them ready for longer power breakdowns.
This will provide continuous 24 x 7 light.

     Power Supply: 220V-250V ~ 50/60Hz




                Terminator   Solar LED Lights


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